Karl Lautman

b. 1958, Los Angeles, CA

B.A., Economics, Stanford University, 1979
M.B.A., University of Chicago, 1988

1979 - 1985: Intel, Field Sales Engineer
1988 - 1991: VP-Marketing, MAGICorp (computer graphics)
1991 - 1992: Dir. of Strategic Planning, Cylink (encryption equipment)
1992 - 2000: Independent marketing consultant serving a variety of high-tech companies, including Oracle, Motorola, Autodesk, and nVidia
2001- present: Sculpture, Internet development

Selected Exhibitions and Awards

KINETIC ENERGY: Art That Won’t Sit Still, Museum of Neon Art (Glendale, CA), 9/18 - 3/19

Machine Muse, Lois Lambert Gallery (Santa Monica, CA), 11/13 - 1/14

Primer #56, Electric Thrift blog, 5/18/14

Mindshare LA, (Los Angeles, CA), 4/20/11

re.action, Annmarie Garden (Dowell, MD), 5/08 - 9/08

MomentuM: selections from the Kinetic Art Organization, Grounds for Sculpture (Hamilton, NJ), 5/06

2nd Place Winner, Kinetic-Art.Org 2004 Competition, 8/04

Richmond Art Center "Go West" Juried Exhibition (Richmond, CA), 6/04

Marin Society of Artists National Juried Show (Ross, CA), 5/04

Coastal Arts League Museum 19th Annual Juried Show (Half Moon Bay, CA), 12/03

All in the Family II Juried Exhibition, Off the Preserve Gallery (DiRosa Preserve, Napa, CA), 12/03 (winner of Jury Award)

South San Francisco Cultural Arts Commission General Art Show (South San Francisco, CA), 11/03

World Council for Arts & Culture International Juried Exhibition (San Francisco, CA), 10/03

Northern California Arts 48th Annual Bold Expressions Juried Exhibition (Sacramento, CA), 9/03 (winner of Shepard Award)


"Chain Reaction," coffee table/nuclear fission simulator, Franklin Institute Science Museum, Philadelphia, PA, 2005

"Kinectronica," mechanical simulation of a switching power supply, Power Integrations, San Jose, CA, 2006


"A Behind The Scenes Look At Small Scale Production," Hackaday, 1/16/20

"Sculptural Grade M&M Sorter," Hackaday, 2/1/18

"Primer and Twin Primer, Ticker Machines That ...," Laughing Squid, 1/11/17

"WARNING: Contains Numbers," Numberphile, 9/15/13

"Kickstarting an electromechanical prime number calculator sculpture," BoingBoing, 9/14/13

"Unsystematic Morse Code - Karl Lautman," Popular Mechanics (Russian edition), 1/12 (4 MB PDF)

"Self Righting Domino Sculpture," BoingBoing, 2/23/10

Video interview w/ Electronic Design Magazine, Electronica, Munich, 11/06

"Art in Motion," Newark Star-Ledger, 6/15/06, p. 53

"To See The Wind ...," Princeton Town Topics, 5/31/06, p.20