Karl Lautman

Who's On First? (watch the video)

5-Way Metronomicon

Ouroborus (watch the video; read the book, "Codex Ouroborus" (4MB PDF))
Here's a video of Ouroborus running at the opening of "Machine Muse" at the Lois Lambert gallery, 11-16-13

3x3 Metamorphosis (watch the timelapse video)

4-Way Prime Totem

4x4 Metronomicon

13-Way Prime Totem

Punctuated Equilibrium

Innuendo #1: Scrubbing The Spoon (watch the video)

Proposal for the Music Center at Strathmore: The Strathmore Metronomicon

Chain Reaction (commission for the Franklin Institute Science Museum, Philadelphia, PA; watch the video)

Kinectronica (commission for Power Integrations, San Jose, CA; watch the video)

Elemental #1 (watch the video)

Art Makes An Impact (watch the video)

GIFerator (watch the video)

Primer (watch the 9/13 Kickstarter video; here's a build video; click here to buy one)

Stanford Totem (watch the video)

FizzBuzz (watch the video)

El Jefe de M&Ms (watch the video)

Stanford Totem v2 (watch the video)